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Garrison’s Hop betting for craps made simple using the Kiss method (KEEP IT SIMPLE)

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HOP BETTING USING THE KISS METHOD. ( KEEP IT SIMPLE) If you do not know which dice set to use for the hop bets you are just rolling randomly. Knowing your sets “are the foundation” for your hop bets. ( Keep it Simple) You MUST Know your six basic Dice sets and the 16 combinations in each set. This is “MUST NEED TO KNOW information” to win at Hop betting. There are many, many, ways to bet and win hop bets. I just showed you two examples. You can hop ALL the different numbers depending on what dice set you to use. The chapter and the chart in “Will I Roll Easy or Will I roll Hard” breaks it all down for you. Shows you all the 16 combinations for each set and what numbers to Hop– ( Keep it simple!!) We show and explain ALL six sets and show you the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to set the dice along with the best way to use each set when playing for both the Do and the Don’t shooter and advanced ( ATS, Repeater, Fire bets) Coming or Visiting Las Vegas call 702-487-5223 and take a class.
This information will take your game to the next level. Just like in school or college you need the right book and information. All information was taken from the Platinum Craps & Dice Setting book. For your copy of the Platinum Craps and Dice Setting book/dice setting card and the Platinum Craps & Dice setting Super System go to or call the office at 702-487-5223. Would love to talk. Join us on Facebook in the Platinum Craps group. Good luck at the tables, Garrison. (Trust me, it is not that hard when you have the correct information)
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Dice Setting, Place Betting & Positive Energy! Garrison Russell Q&A, Platinum Craps

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Thank-you Garrison Russell, author of Platinum Craps & Dice Setting. Terrific interview. #Craps #Betting #Dice #Gambling #Poker

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Winning Subscriber Suggested Classic Craps Betting Strategy Re-Make: 68 Drop Spread (for $25 Tables)

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We’re dusting off one of the classic craps betting strategies from yours truly, Craps Tastic! Subscriber Glen Thomason suggested that he’d like to see this strategy played out on a $25 table. And here at this channel… your wish, is my command! Here you go, Glen!

I hope you enjoy this modification… and if you’ve got the bankroll, it may be very profitable for you!