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Phases of the game #1 The Come Out Rolls

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Phases of the game of Craps. Part 1 of 3

A look at the come out rolls in Craps and If you should be working your place bets

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Field Study

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A look at the Field bet in the game of craps.

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Iron Cross Study

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A deep dive into the Iron Cross Strategy. Looking at different types of the Iron Cross using the field or the horn. Should you work the come out rolls? How does it affect your bankroll?

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Intro to my Channel…..Craps Rack it

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We will be comparing and exploring different craps strategies. Like the Iron Cross, 3 Point Molly, Inside and Across, The Don’ts, The Field & Horn.

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Why Beginners Lose at Craps: Not knowing Dice Probability

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In this video, I share with you the reasoning and logic to WHY Beginners lose at the game of Craps. In my beginning years when I started playing the game of Craps, I went home a loser because I didn’t have enough knowledge of the game. I was not armed with the knowledge of dice probabilities and stuck to my basic craps betting strategies expecting to win big.

Also if you make it to the end of the video, I will be sharing a special announcement.

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Drunken Apology & 36 Rolls w/ Betting

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