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The HCS Hedgehog Craps Betting Strategy: Perfect for a $15 min Craps Table.

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Hawaii Craps Shooters

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Apr 8, 2021

This craps strategy here gave me a fighting chance at the Casinos from our last trip out to Las Vegas. It helped me survive the countless hours and days of Craps Sessions that we battled through. The Hedge protection is key here which helps protect your bankroll from the short 1, 2, 3 rolls that we commonly see at the Craps tables, but the best part of this Craps Strategy is when you are able to “Hog” up the profits and wins which the HCS Hedgehog Craps Strategy allows you to press your bets quicker and faster so that you can capitalize on any Monster Roll when they do come.

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Craps Game Within a Game – The Come Out Roll #Craps​ Game #Come​ Out Roll

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Apr 2, 2021 –

All Shooters get the Come Out Roll, the question is do we take advantage of it? Some will have certain or all bets working. Here I look at two different strategies for the Come Out Roll. First is a look at the World or Whirl Bet, and then my favorite the 3 Way Craps. The purpose of both bets, is to try and hit the Craps numbers, before you establish a point, giving you a head start for the Small, Tall, All Bonus Craps bet. If you practice, know your best sets, and with some luck; you can add chips to your rail before the point is even established!

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Subscriber Request house money on a $15 table

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Regression obsession Larry Casper

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Mar 20, 2021

Having a rough day on the table But it all worked out in the end