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Jan 14, 2017


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Learn A Unique Strategy for playing Craps. in this informative video on the 20 Winning Rules of Craps, we discuss 20 rules that I created for myself. I fond myself in a position where there would be a long roll, and I’d look at my tray and I hadn’t won nearly enough money. Following these rules has helped me to become a much more successful Craps player.

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The Top 7 Money Making Reasons to Bet a $5 Yo on Every Come Out Roll In Craps

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*If You Play Craps, You Will Lose!*

*Remember, It’s all about “Staying Live!” in the game!  (Mel Lum Ho – Craps Hawaii)*

Oct 12, 2020


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This is a Craps Strategy Video where we will discuss how you could potentially make more money by playing a $5 Yo 11 on every Come Out Roll in Craps. We will go through the Money Making Reasons to bet the five dollar Yo on Every Come Out Roll. We also give a brief description of What is a Yo Bet in Craps. This is fun proposition bet, and this strategy adds some structure and helps with when and how to bet the Yo Bet.


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* Warning – If You Play Craps – You Will Lose *

Apr 15, 2020

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In this video, we discuss When Casinos might reopen following the shut down from the COVID -19 Coronavirus.  And how casinos prepare to open could impact when they open and how long they stay open.   How will casinos handle slot machines, craps, blackjack, etc post Coronavirus?     Please also share your thoughts in the comments on when casinos will open back up.   When Will Las Vegas and other Casinos open back up.

All Gambling involves risks.  All information and strategies contained in our videos are for informational purposes.  There is no guarantee of success.   We encourage responsible gambling.   Any recommendations we make on this YouTube channel are based on opinion and should not be considered as formal endorsements. We cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for losses or damages of any kind incurred as a result of using the information contained in these videos.

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12 Un-Offical Rules of Craps Etiquette By $5 Yo!

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* Warning – If You Play Craps – You Will Lose *


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The 12 Un-Official Rules of Craps Etiquette video discuses some basic and not so basic things to do or not do at a Craps Table.    Playing Craps can be intimidating, especially for those who are just learning how to play Craps.  We have received some requests from people wanting a video that explains some basic things that aren’t typically discussed in learn to play Craps videos.   We hope you enjoy the video.

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How To Throw The Dice

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* Warning – If You Play Craps – You Will Lose *

Feb 11, 2018


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“How To Throw The Dice” This is something I’ll not be doing. I have a bad back and will need all I got to stay standing at the table.