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Garrison’s Hop betting for craps made simple using the Kiss method (KEEP IT SIMPLE)

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HOP BETTING USING THE KISS METHOD. ( KEEP IT SIMPLE) If you do not know which dice set to use for the hop bets you are just rolling randomly. Knowing your sets “are the foundation” for your hop bets. ( Keep it Simple) You MUST Know your six basic Dice sets and the 16 combinations in each set. This is “MUST NEED TO KNOW information” to win at Hop betting. There are many, many, ways to bet and win hop bets. I just showed you two examples. You can hop ALL the different numbers depending on what dice set you to use. The chapter and the chart in “Will I Roll Easy or Will I roll Hard” breaks it all down for you. Shows you all the 16 combinations for each set and what numbers to Hop– ( Keep it simple!!) We show and explain ALL six sets and show you the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to set the dice along with the best way to use each set when playing for both the Do and the Don’t shooter and advanced ( ATS, Repeater, Fire bets) Coming or Visiting Las Vegas call 702-487-5223 and take a class.
This information will take your game to the next level. Just like in school or college you need the right book and information. All information was taken from the Platinum Craps & Dice Setting book. For your copy of the Platinum Craps and Dice Setting book/dice setting card and the Platinum Craps & Dice setting Super System go to or call the office at 702-487-5223. Would love to talk. Join us on Facebook in the Platinum Craps group. Good luck at the tables, Garrison. (Trust me, it is not that hard when you have the correct information)
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Dice Setting, Place Betting & Positive Energy! Garrison Russell Q&A, Platinum Craps

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Thank-you Garrison Russell, author of Platinum Craps & Dice Setting. Terrific interview. #Craps #Betting #Dice #Gambling #Poker

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Gambling and sports handicapping are one of the leading industries in the world. It takes between $250 and $300 billion dollars a year. To be a part of this billion-dollar industry you have to have the proper knowledge, money management, and discipline for any game you play. At Platinum Craps and Gaming we are here to provide you with that knowledge and information.

Knowledge is power, and with the proper knowledge, you will win more and be more successful in any game that you play.


This SUPER System will definitely help you obtain that goal. These books and DVD or Flash Drive are considered some of finest material ever provided on the games of craps, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. They are written by Mr. John Patrick. In his successful and professional career, he has written fifteen books on gambling and produced winning classes now available on DVD or Flash Drive.

His book on craps covers more than most crap players will ever learn in their lifetime. The goal is to make you the best player that you can be and put you in the top 5% at the casino. Out of all the books John has written, he said his craps books are his crowning glory.


  • Money management, discipline, win goals, and loss limits.
  • The complete layout of the crap table, your odds, and etiquette at the table.
  • All the major systems for that pass line and Don’t pass line player. How to hedge your bet using single and double hedge betting. Place betting and advanced systems, such as 41 no 10, the Patrick System, the Ricochet System, advanced Don’t betting, and how to set and reach your plateaus and much more. BONUS: As a special bonus, John will autograph your book while they last. There are over four hours of instruction on DVD or Flash Drive, and they start out with the beginning, intermediate, advanced, and super classes. These techniques start with the beginner and go all the way up to the professional player. Sometimes it is easier to see the techniques and systems rather than to just read about them. The book and the DVD or Flash Drive are a perfect match for the serious gambler. The game of craps is slowly taking over as the number one table game in the casino. The super system includes an autographed copy of Platinum craps and Dice Setting book, along with the dice setting DVD or Flash Drive and five plastic dice setting strategy cards. The dice setting strategy cards fit easily into your pocket, wallet, or in the chip rack, and they’re color coded. They have all the sets and the inside axis numbers so you can set the dice in five seconds or less. All the winning numbers are in green, and the losing numbers are in red. This is the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way to set the dice for both the Do and the Don’t shooter.