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Craps Game Within a Game – The Come Out Roll #Craps​ Game #Come​ Out Roll

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Apr 2, 2021 –

All Shooters get the Come Out Roll, the question is do we take advantage of it? Some will have certain or all bets working. Here I look at two different strategies for the Come Out Roll. First is a look at the World or Whirl Bet, and then my favorite the 3 Way Craps. The purpose of both bets, is to try and hit the Craps numbers, before you establish a point, giving you a head start for the Small, Tall, All Bonus Craps bet. If you practice, know your best sets, and with some luck; you can add chips to your rail before the point is even established!

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Betting on a Random Player #Random​ Player Strategy

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Mar 19, 2021

Pre Trip practice, using One hit can’t miss in combination with a few DC bets to get ready for a trip. I did make an error on paying the 12 on the don’t – 12 is BAR on my layout — So it is a PUSH.