Episode #032 – My Favorite Craps Betting Strategy By Color Up!

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* Warning – If You Play Craps – You Will Lose *


By…Color Up

This is my favorite craps betting strategy. Do I always win with this craps strategy? Actually I rarely do. But hear me explain in this video why I still really enjoy to play this strategy from John Boender. Goal is to start with minimum investment, and as you win, place across all the numbers. After all the numbers are placed, you collect on the first hits to recoup your initial investment, second hit you full press the winnings. At this point you are in a great position if a long roll happens.

I have heard from John, his website was hacked and he is still digging thru that mess. Be patient with him and he will take care of you. His website is crapsmoney.com

My Favorite Craps Betting Strategy


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