CRAPS! Advanced Play EP.1. Introduction into Advanced play.

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Feb 11, 2021



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Here I talk a little bit about being in advanced craps player and show some of the concepts the more advanced player should employ!


This type of directed play is so smart so advanced! I totally see what you’re doing here. My favorite part is how after you established the DP and then saw a repeater, you played the horn and immediately placed every box number across (even the DP point number so that it now becomes a place winner), except the repeater where you layed enough to hedge your bets, for just a single roll. As long as you avoid the repeater (you’re a heavy favorite that any given box number will NOT roll three times in a row), you win with ANY box or horn number, or at least break even or come close to it if a 7 rolls. Then assuming neither the repeater nor 7 hit, you took down the large lay and most place bets and resumed your original, simpler DP cover bet strategy where you’re still the favorite. How brilliant to optimize every single roll!


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