Craps! Advanced Play EP.#2 Strategy vs Dice Control and why Strategy is superior!

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Feb 19, 2021

In this video I do a short version of why you should focus on strategy 1st and dice control second

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Thanks Jacob, a great demonstration for those who think they might be able to influence the dice, but have not yet mastered that skill. At the end of the day, until someone has actually mastered the skill of dice influencing, they remain a random roller and their best bet is a strategy which has the 7 as a winner. Until you can consistently improve your ratio of 7’s to more than 1 in 6 and I would want it to be at least double that, to 1 in 12, before I would call myself a dice influencer with any conviction, then I would stick to strategy. The other thing is you may perfect dice influence in your home set up, but then get to a casino that has different conditions such as: table size; table bounce; chips in landing zone; dice size; dice weight; available position at table; lighting; noise; pressure to actually perform; etcetera…You would then need to have the ability to adjust to all these variables. I do believe that some people may have this skill, but they would be very few and far between. I also firmly believe that I will never have that skill, so rather than deluding myself that I might, I’ll stick to strategy. Cheers. Rob
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