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Craps Info – Jerry’s Nugget

This video is one of a series looking at the various casinos in Las Vegas where you can play craps We will be looking at casinos on the Strip with the tourists, off the Strip where you will find more of the locals, and Fremont/Downtown where you get a nice mix of the two. In each upload, we will cover the following with charts, pictures and sometimes video:

* Casino information (name, address, phone, website, and affiliation)

* Hours the craps tables are open (though I would always call in advance and ask for TABLE GAMES to make sure the tables are open and what the current minimum bet is as of that moment.)

* Table characteristics (plexi, bounciness, min bets, bonus bets, and field bets)

* Observations (on the dealers, sticks, bosses, other players, casino clientele, and overall atmosphere)

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