Craps! strategy that is very Underutilized! Iron Cross from the DONT

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Feb 27, 2021

In this video I go through why I believe The iron cross from the don’t is one of the most under utilize strategies in craps


Thanks Jacob, rather than the dice influence aspect of this presentation, I prefer the math aspect, in that coming out you have 8 ways to lose, 3 ways to win, 1 push and 24 ways to set a point. There are insurance options, but the lay introduces a higher risk amount and the big red and 11 option would require 4 hits rather than 3 to achieve the same profit. So without insurance, or DI, you would roughly lose 1 in 4 come out rolls and win 1 in 12 over the long run. In a short run you can be lucky and dodge the come out losers and hit a few winners, or unlucky and dodge the winners and hit the losers. Similarly, once the point is established, you have 5 ways to lose the 6&8, v 31 winners, 4 v 32 for 5&9 and 3 v 33 for 4&10, with the added option of hard way bets for the even numbers. Again, you can be lucky, or unlucky in the short term, but over time the odds are in your favour. After the 3 hits, you also have the option of rather than reducing the DP, betting enough on the point to make hitting it a win and still have enough hedge available to have a small bet on some other box numbers. Whichever way you choose to play it, the math stacks up pretty well, an ability for DI would only be the icing on the cake. Cheers. Rob
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