4/10 Lay Bet System

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*If You Play Craps, You Will Lose!*

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May 5, 2019

1. Gamble at your own risk.
2. This is what I do so if you have any questions-  comment and i can give you an answer
3. happy betting
4. This is version 1 ; For a more detailed and latest version , look for it on my page.

This strategy is something I have created over years of playing craps across the country and consulting mathematicians. This is an advanced strategy but i will say this about it; if you are not good at waiting for the right time to bet then find another strategy. It takes more than ten minutes to double or triple up and time makes money with this.

For true odds, payouts, and additional information;


If you have a system to play: i’ll play it. If you have a specific bankroll or table min request; i’ll play it. Just comment or email me.  Drunk Guy Explains approves this message.Comment with your suggestions and question and potentially be featured in an upcoming episode!

For more information and videos including

Live roll sessions with you the viewer –

go to the facebook group DGE Craps    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOhBy…


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