Episode #102 – Huck’s Strategy By Big AZ Craps GURU! 3 Videos!

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* Warning – If You Play Craps – You Will Lose *

Huck’s Strategy By Big AZ Craps GURU! 3 Videos!


By…Big AZ Craps GURU


Called “Field Cluster Bomb”:

Step 1: Roll until a field number is rolled then bet $5 on the field one time.
Step 2: If win, go to step#3, if loss go to step#4.
Step 3: Repeat the minimum $5 bet in the field until it loses, then go to Step#1.
Step 4: Roll until a field number is rolled with no bet, then double the previous bet in the field after a field is rolled.  If win go to Step#3, if lose, repeat Step#4.
Stop loss: after a loss of $320 in the field , game over or start over.

Crapsmania II #8 (Huck’s Strategy)

Apr 12, 2020

Step1: establish a point (no DP or Pass)
Step2: $66 inside ($15 on 5/9, $18 on 6/8)
Step3: After first win, drop $1 plus the $21 payout and press all the inside numbers by one unit ($20 on 5/9, $24 on 6/8).
Step4: Roll it out.

#13 Crapsmania II (Huck’s Strategy #2)

Apr 16, 2020

“Don’t Trim the Hedge”

Strategy #3
Step1. $25 don’t pass with $4 protection  ($1 each on hopping sevens and eleven) until point is established.
Step2. Place $10 on five, $12 on six/eight and $5 in the field (regardless of the point). If the point is 4, 6, 8 or 10 then place $2 on the hardway point (down after win). Repeat $5 field and collect every roll.
Step3. If the point is hit, start over. Leave place and field off on come out rolls but on/repeating after come out.

#14 CrapsMania II (Huck’s Strategy #3)

Apr 16, 2020

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