Monday pendulum 3rd week….. hows the practice coming along?!? By SumyunguyZgames Sumy! Episode #135

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* Warning – If You Play Craps – You Will Lose *

*Remember, It’s all about “Staying Live!” in the game!  (Craps Hawaii)*


By…SumyunguyZgames Sumy

Monday pendulum 3rd week…… hows the practice coming along?!? Gaming for the average joes!! No high expectations and just having fun!! Only games I am into at the moment, blackout and craps strategies and dice influencing and practice shooting. Maybe more to come!! I have also kept the videos on 4 different playlists to make it more convenient to watch the 4 different video categories. If your also from Northern Cali, or Southern oregon area, i have linked a facebook group on craps, feel free to sign up, i like to grow a craps group there to connect with more craps players in the immediate areas around me. Thanks everyone, keep on watching!!!

Apr 27, 2020

Check out his link below:

Monday pendulum 3rd week….. hows the practice coming along?!?


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