Episode #088 – The $34 Dollar Spread (Poor Man’s Craps Series) Part 4 By No 7’s Dice Club!

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* Warning – If You Play Craps – You Will Lose *


By…No 7’s Dice Club

Just like the 24 dollar spread I include the field bet right away in this to get onto casino money faster.
While I do not have money on the 5 at first you can hop the 5’s for one or two rolls of the dice. Which totals out to $4 dollar’s instead of placing $10 dollar’s on the 5 itself. Don’t forget to take down your hop bets if you are on the second roll of the dice before you spread out your winnings.
Also know your roll count to pull your money off the table and put it back in the rack. Play smart and you will be ahead of the Casino.
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The $34 dollar spread (Poor Man’s Craps Series) Part 4


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