The Rotating Field Bet By Let it Roll! Episode #127

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Warning – If You Play Craps – You Will Lose *

Remember, It’s all about “Staying Live!” in the game!  (Craps Hawaii)

1 of 2 Parts – $10 table – Super A.C.E. Strategy By No 7’s Dice Club!


By…Let it Roll

Another easy betting strategy for the beginner or an addition to how you like to place your bets.
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LET IT ROLL is for Beginners Intermediate or Advanced Players that would like to learn, share or give me some advice.  Its a place for all to enjoy each others knowledge and input.  I will try to put a craps betting strategy tutorial up as often as possible.
I try to throw with dice control.  Before I throw I set my dice or dice setting to try to become a controlled shooter.   I will do my best to put live craps or real craps video on my channel when I can get away with it lol.  Been asked twice to not record already.
I appreciate and respect all my subscribers and would love to see us all COLOR UP whether I can help you or you can help me either way that would be awesome!!!

Craps Betting Strategy – The Rotating Field – Beginners Intermediate or Advanced Players


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